digital media artist | social media marketer

dabria fong

My work is inspired by the intersection between my cultural background as an American Born Chinese female, and the lack of diversity in American entertainment media.


With my career, I aim to shine light on stories of fellow American Born Asians through various forms of digital media and interactive design.

avocado toast art

One of the most memorable aspects of Studio Ghibli films are the delicately drawn dishes of food. Inspired by the food culture from the Ghibli films, I decided to challenge myself to create food art!








In my spare time, I like to design stickers and draw digital illustrations to keep my skills in practice. This is a longterm on-going project and eventually I'd like to open up a store and sell stickers as well as other stationery items! 


at San José State University

While working at the San José State University Alumni Association, I was given the unique opportunity to design a set of 3 large-scale banners that would be displayed throughout the homecoming celebrations on campus. This was my first time designing something at such a large scale, and it holds a very special place in my heart!


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