about me

In their young 20's, my parents bravely immigrated from Hong Kong to the Bay Area to start a family. Their desire to settle in the United States gave me my unique American Born Chinese culture, which continually influences my projects, my compassion towards others, and my desire to push for equal representation in the media we consume.

My passion for digital media began when I was in 8th grade. I would make choppy Photoshop edits and collages of my favorite bands to share with fellow fans across the world.
With time and a lot of practice, I eventually learned the principles of design, photography, and video which I continue to improve upon, day-by-day in my work.


Today, I still find myself drawn towards entertainment media such as music videos, promotional products, and movies, but I am more specifically interested in how celebrities and social icons can influence the way our society receives information about social issues such as equality, preservation of the environment, and more.


While I prefer to call myself a digital media artist, some other titles I give myself include (but are not limited to): noodle enthusiast, milk tea aficionado, full-time dog lover.

communities & hobbies

kpop/cpop twitter

The online community I am currently most active in is the Twitter community of K-Pop and Chinese pop music fans.


Growing up, I would listen to BigBang frequently, but I somewhat lost touch with my asian culture as I entered my pre-teen years. Throughout high school and college, I began to go back to my roots and listened to artists like Jay Chou and Leehom Wang frequently. Eventually, I began to listen to Kpop again and found an online community of fellow fans. 

I have accumulated 700+ followers on my Twitter account, and together we anticipate music from groups like BTS, NCT, WAYV, and more! 

bullet journaling

While studying at San Jose State, I picked up bullet journaling as a way to organize my responsibilities and daily schedule. 

I was attracted to bullet journaling as opposed to a standard planner because of its highly customizable nature and ability to and visually convey information.

Through journaling, I've learned hand lettering, improved on my layout design skills, and gained more insight into the value of hand crafting.

digital illustration

In my spare time, I like to draw and sketch using my iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil, and the drawing app Procreate. 

When I was a kid, I spent hours doodling and scribbling with crayons as I sat in my high-chair and digital illustration brings me back into that simple mindset where I focus on the flow of shapes and blends of color. 

Occasionally I'll publish these illustrations on my Instagram account, or post images of my work-in-progress.

photo & video

Ever since I was in high school, photography has been a hobby of mine. This passion for imagery started when I discovered my dad had a vintage film camera and he let me use it. I was very fortunate that my high school offered a film photography course which taught me how to load and process film as well as print and develop my own photographs. I took film photography for 2 years and I still miss it!

Now, since I don't have access to a dark room like I did when I was in high school, digital photography is my primary medium. I enjoy taking portraits and product photography the most because I enjoy working with the vast range of dynamic color.

I also like to film and edit videos in my spare time. My favorite step in the video production process is editing - specifically playing with transitions and seamless loops. 

Currently, I primarily make videos as a hobby and I enjoy making my own renditions of music videos or lyric videos. I enjoy playing with the relationship between music and visual imagery.