Blog Post 1 - Astro Blaster

January 28, 2020

When I loaded the Internet Arcade in my browser, I was instantly drawn to the game Astro Blaster. Something I instantly noticed about the Internet Arcade is that it took a long time for it to load for me. I was stuck staring at this screen for at least 5 minutes and those 5 minutes felt so long that I thought maybe I needed to try a different browser. I always knew I was impatient, but I think this loading time speaks to the high level of instantaneity that we expect from games.

Once it finally did load and I began playing the game, I realized I had actually confused Astro Blasters for Galaga. Growing up, I would play Galaga for hours on my PSP. I don't really blame myself for confusing the two games since they both have the same left to right movement with a spaceship that shoots upwards at an enemy. 

Something interesting that I discovered while playing the game is that despite how easy Astro Blasters is supposed to be (I mean all you do is move left and right and press a third key to shoot) I still found the game difficult and couldn't get past the second stage. 

I think the main reason why I had trouble is that I would press the shoot key repeatedly in a pattern. I didn't even realize I was pressing it in a repeated pattern until I was playing a level where the enemies were in a line and I kept hitting the same exact spots with the blaster.