Unity Alpha

April 7, 2020

Partner: Emilio Lopez

For the Unity game, my partner and I decided to create a game reminiscent of Doodle Jump where a character faces the challenge of climbing the screen by bouncing off of varying platforms. With the jumping movement in mind, I decided to draw a bunny as the main character and Emilio named our game Bunny Hop.

When we first started working on the game, we had a vague idea of what gameplay would feel like and what kind of assets we would need since we were both familiar with Doodle Jump. Emilio started by watching tutorials on how to get the scrolling screen and platforms to generate in Unity while I got started with the artwork of the game. 

I drew the bunny character sitting first, and then decided to also have an image of the bunny in movement so that during gameplay it would feel as if the bunny was launching off of platforms and bouncing from one to the next. 

After creating the bunny character, I then created the platforms. Initially, I had only drawn a general "base" platform which would be the most common jumping platform and a breaking platform. I sent these assets to my partner so that he could begin playing with them in Unity as I continued to draw up assets for the background to enhance the game.

Here is a list of all the assets I have created for the game as of its alpha state:

  • Bunny character (4 versions: sitting (left/right), jumping (left/right)

  • Ground for the start of the game

  • Grass tufts (2)

  • Start splash screen with controls, creator names, play button

  • Platforms

    • Regular base platform​

    • Breaking platform

    • Cloud platform

  • Clouds (3)

  • Font for the game

  • Music options (I let my partner make the final decision)


Playtesting + Response

Based on the responses from playtesting, overall it seemed that people liked the simplicity of the assets that I created. I saw a lot of feedback that they enjoy how the game has a minimalistic feel and this combined with our music choice makes our game very relaxing. From the feedback Emilio and I received, it seems that people don't want us to add more action to the game but instead they are seeking more a more dynamic experience.

With this in mind, Emilio and I have planned to add an item with points, a finishing point for the game so that it doesn't go on forever but does go for a long time, as well as a score chart at the end so that players can compete against themselves and aim for higher scores. Despite the fact that our game is relatively simple, we noticed a lot of feedback that people kept wanting to replay to either listen to the music more, or to attempt to beat their old score. 

One fear that we had going into play testing was that players wouldn't realize the cloud was a "super jump" platform, but after playtesting many people actually noted that the cloud was a nice surprise and they really enjoyed that element of the game. Neither of us wanted to add another type of platform to the game out of fear that it would take away from our game's simplicity, but Emilio mentioned playing around with the cloud and its jump so that may also change in the next iteration of Bunny Hop.