Bunny Hop

Unity Prototype

April 17, 2020


Partner: Emilio Lopez

​For this iteration of Bunny Hop, Emilio and I worked to improve the navigation of the game as well as subtle details to make gameplay more enjoyable. Some of the subtle changes include changing the background color of the game, the tints of the platforms, and adding a carrot object into the game which indicates the end of the game. In addition, Emilio made the platforms spawn a little closer together since many players indicated issues with that from alpha testing.

The biggest change from the alpha iteration of this game was the addition of the play, play again, and quit buttons as well as having the controls explicitly stated on the home screen of the game. Previously, we did not have anything indicating how our game was meant to be played. We also added a screen to display the player's final score to encourage them to play again and attempt to beat their best score.

All of the art assets and the font used in the game were all created by me. The music used in our game was a free track from a SoundCloud artist, and you can find his profile here.

Overall, the game runs very smoothly thanks to Emilio's hard work and dedication to our shared project! One issue that we did notice is sometimes the bunny will stick to platforms if they hit the corner, but it does not halt the game entirely, and with some wiggling of the controls the player can continue.