Blog Post 7 - Final Project


May 5, 2020

Team: Alexandra Baker (artist), Zizhao Guan(programmer), Jordan Hoekwater(programmer/artist)

For the final project, four of us gathered to make a platformer game inspired by Zelda and Mario. Originally, the team only consisted of myself and Allie (Alexandra) and we were planning to write a paper analyzing the art or other aspects of Zelda. At the last minute, we were able to add Zizhao and Jordan to our team and we decided to create a game since that seemed more fun.

Continuing with the Zelda-inspired theme, we divided our tasks and got started as soon as possible. Allie and I were the two main artists, Zizhao was the main programmer, and Jordan had a split role supporting both the artists and the programmer.

Allie was in charge of designing the main character as well as its animated movements so that when it moves horizontally and vertically there is variation. I was tasked with creating the static objects in the game such as the coin, trees, sword, and house. 

Jordan was in charge of creating the enemies and the background for the game, and providing assistance to Zizhao.

For the alpha, I was able to create a simple animated coin that looks like its bouncing or light is reflecting off of it. Along with the coin, I drew the tree that would be repeated throughout the game stage as maze borders. I wanted to give Zizhao some options with the trees just in case he wanted to have certain borders act different than others. I wound up drawing a tree with apples and one without. Both of the trees also have the option of a straight trunk or a wide, tapered trunk.

After getting some feedback from our classmates, I noticed that our game was playing well function-wise, but there were elements that needed improvement. Most importantly, we needed to implement our main character into the game and Allie and Zizhao have been working on that together for this second iteration of the game.


Secondly, a few classmates mentioned our artwork had different resolutions particularly between the static objects and the coins. After chatting with Zizhao, he decided that resizing the coin in Unity would likely solve that problem and instead asked me to create a background for the game. 


Since our first alpha of the game, I additionally created a dirt path and created a background by repeating that pattern. I also did research and found some royalty free sound effect and music options for Zizhao to implement. Since I unfortunately could not open our own game on my Mac since I am having issues with Catalina and Unity, I left the final music decision to Zizhao. I did ensure that all of the assets I sent to him were free for us to use. 

In total, here is what I contributed to the team:

  • formed the team & gathered members

  • delegated tasks, ensured deadlines were met

  • animated coin object

  • trees (4 kinds: apple, plain, 2 trunk options)

  • dirt path

  • dirt background

  • royalty-free sound effects

  • royalty-free music