Blog Post 9 - Course Reflection

May 18, 2020

This course was really cool! Despite my interest in coding and digital art, I never really saw myself as someone who could create a game. I really appreciated how this course went through the process of creating both physical board games as well as online, video, and digital games.


I also really appreciated learning about the MDA analysis because prior to this class there were elements of games that I really enjoyed and couldn't articulate or explain properly. After learning about the MDA analysis I've found better ways to talk about games and I feel like I'm able to connect to the gaming community better.

Surprisingly, this class and ART 104 had a lot of intersecting points and the readings I did in 104 really enhanced what I learned in this class. Specifically, learning about player agency and guiding the player versus controlling the player. I've learned a lot this semester about interactivity in media and the value of adding "juiciness" into interactive experiences. 

This class also taught me how to appreciate my art style once more. I've always been more of a cartoonist and for a long time I've viewed my art style as immature or amateurish but through this course I've discovered that sometimes that's exactly what people want! 

Thank you for this course, and thank you for your guidance and support throughout this weird transition to online learning. 


also, this was my favorite game i made!