SJSU Homecoming Banners

October 2019

For this project, I was tasked with designing 3 separate large-scale banners to commemorate San Jose State University's Fall 2019 Homecoming. Each year, for Homecoming, SJSU has a different theme that they adhere to. The themes serve as a way for Spartans to unite and celebrate by dressing according to the theme, attending events inspired by the theme and so on.


However, the banners that I was designing were representing the SJSU Alumni Association and they wanted to have banners that would last for many years. When I designed these banners, I was thinking about the traditions that take place at SJSU because I wanted to capture ideas of longevity and pride with these banners. 

With this in mind, I opted to focus on the diversity of the student body at SJSU. Despite all of the changes and growth that the University goes through, at the end of the day the diversity of the students remains one of their proudest achievements. 

This was my first time designing for large-scale print media. Prior to this, shirts and jackets were the biggest canvas I was working with. I really enjoyed working on these banners and it taught me many lessons about file sizes, resolution, and print media in general.

Walking around campus seeing not one, but three massive banners that I designed was a surreal experience that I'll never forget.

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