A handcrafted and hand coded MIDI boombox player. Made of recycled electrical components, a Arduino MetroMini, and a recycled cardstock box.

the code

For this project, I was provided a code that would allow two speakers to play one MIDI file with a "ping pong effect," where the sound bounces back and forth between the right and left speaker.

With this base code, I then found .mid audio files online and used an online converter to get the tones and tracks from the MIDI file so that Arduino could then read the information and mimic the sounds digitally.

Once I got the sound to successfully come out of both speakers, the next step was getting my potentiometer, switch, button, and LEDs wired up so that they would react based on different inputs. You can see me testing out the hardware in the video to the right.

Once I had confirmed all of my hardware was wired up properly and performing based on the code, I took my cardboard box and built the components into it so that every switch and button was still functional but the hardware guts were hidden.

I also put a battery pack inside of the box which powered the entirety of the boombox.